12 con giáp trong tiếng Anh

12 con giáp gồm có Tý, Sửu, Dần, Mẹo, Thìn, Tỵ, Ngọ, Mùi, Thân, Dậu, Tuất, Hợi. Trong tiếng Anh sẽ nói như thế nào ?

12 con giáp trong tiếng Anh

Mười hai con giáp là tập hợp 12 con vật được đánh số thứ tự lần lượt dùng để xác định các mốc thời gian giờ, ngày, tháng, năm.

12 con giáp bao gồm (12 animal designations include):

(con chuột)    The Rat /ræt/
Sửu (con trâu)    The Ox /ɑːks/   hoặc The Buffalo
Dần (con hổ)    The Tiger /ˈtaɪɡər/
Mẹo (con mèo)    The Cat /kæt/   hoặc   The Rabbit (là Thỏ ở Trung Quốc)
Thìn (con rồng)    The Dragon /ˈdræɡən/
Tỵ (con rắn)    The Snake /sneɪk/
Ngọ (con ngựa)    The Horse /hɔːrs/
Mùi (con dê)    The Goat /ɡoʊt/   hoặc   The Sheep
Thân (con khỉ)    The Monkey /ˈmʌŋki/
Dậu (con gà trống)    The Rooster /ˈruːstər/   hoặc   The Cock
Tuất (con chó)    The Dog /dɔːɡ/
Hợi (con lợn)    The Pig /pɪɡ/

Sau đây, chúng tôi giới thiệu bài viết trình bày tổng quan đặc tính 12 con giáp bằng tiếng Anh (nguồn: vietvisiontravel.com) để các bạn tham khảo, nâng cao vốn từ vựng của mình.

What Animal in 12 Vietnamese Zodiac Signs are You ?
    Each country has a different astrological system, and so is Vietnam. Due to the changing phases of the moon, Vietnam has the lunar calendar and a special system of zodiac signs. 12 Vietnamese zodiac animals represent 12 zodiac signs in a year: the rat comes first then the buffalo followed is tiger, cat, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, cock, dog and the last is the pig. Each animal represents one year and a different personality of the human.

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs Recognized by Zodiac Years
    Since the lunar year usually begins about one month later than the solar year, those who are born in January and early February of the solar year often bear the sign of the animal of the preceding lunar year. Here are the animals and their corresponding years.

Vietnamese Zodiac Animals & Their Characteristics
Vietnamese Zodiac Signs – The Rat
    Everywhere in the world, mice are considered as a harmful animal. However, it plays well its natural role as a creature in the food ring. For the economy in which agriculture contributes the main proportion, mice are not only simple as a kind of animal but also become a cultural sign. That’s why THE RAT comes to the first position of 12 zodiac signs.
    The rat is well known for its smartness and acumen, people were born under the Rat sign is creative and intelligent. No matter what jobs they are occupied, they can fully complete and gain advantages because of their quick response to outside changes. Facing hardships, they show bold and positive personality traits.

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs – The Buffalo
    For Vietnamese’s belief, a buffalo is the greatest asset of a commoner as well as the most important property to protect. In ancient Vietnamese, THE BUFFALO is always sticky with the farmers in rice plant and rice field. In the agriculture of Vietnam, the land is the key tool for producing rice and other flora, therefore, making it more and more fertile is very important and the Buffalo plays a key role to support farmers to do this kind of activity. Thus, it is easy to understand why buffalo is placed at the position of a cultural symbol. It does not only bring rice but also represent the strength of Vietnamese.
    The “buffalo person” is believed to have decisive characteristic and born to be a leader. However, before achieving success at the end of a journey, a buffalo has to pass through the rough road of life instead of a smooth one. In case your buffalo partners tend to make everything serious, be patient and sympathetic because they actually have a warm heart.

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs – The Tiger
    THE TIGER is one of the holy animals in Vietnam which is recognized as the king of the forest. Vietnam’s territory is covered with ¾ areas of mountain and forest when the king roars following is the powerful sound. Therefore, it can easily understand why the image of tiger appears frequently in pagoda’s and temple’s architecture in Vietnam, especially in the entrance gates and is listed as a holy in Vietnamese belief.
    A person with tiger sign is courage, intelligent and adventurous. He or she is different as usual, tends to do extraordinary and willing to take risk and majority of them are successful in life. However, these strong characteristics also have drawbacks, some tigers may face many problems from social bias, living hard lives. Tiger girls in Vietnam often get troubled in their marriage life due to their strong personality. They tend to strictly protect and control their partners and also their children.

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs – The Cat
    THE CAT seems to be raised in Vietnam more widespread than dogs. The very first reason for this difference is that cat is extremely useful for preventing rice, food from pests, especially mice. Gradually, the cat becomes a pet of Vietnamese people, sharing wealth and poverty, sorrow and happiness together.
    Cat person apparently expresses the characteristics of the cat, soft but quite enigmatic. The person who was born in Cat sign is well-mannered and outgoing, and one thing that always keeps them attractive is secretive characteristic. It is difficult to guess their emotion in life since cat person seems to have depth.

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs – The Dragon
    The DRAGON is a legendary creature that appeared in Vietnamese folklore a long time ago. It has become a symbol of wealth and fortune as well as a holy animal in Vietnam. The Dragon represents the power of heaven and earth.
    Common knowledge of both Chinese and Vietnamese shows that dragon brings the rain, the necessary factor for agriculture. In the ancient time, its image normally related to yellow color and royal place. It was used to represent the power of the emperor as well as in the architecture of pagoda and temple. Dragon people, therefore, are supposed to be ambitious, energetic and leadership. They are believed to gain smooth development and become a brilliant leader.

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs – The Snake
    The typical feature of Vietnamese climate is humidity and it also definitely an ideal land for the snake to live. The significant contribution of the snake to medicine has been recognized in Vietnam culture. Mentioned THE SNAKE, people think about a dangerous creature. However, its venom and skin are very useful in medicine, especially in Oriental one.
    People born in the Year of the snake are usually smart, well-educated and humorous. Once you fall in love with a snake girl, you can hardly escape the relationship with her because your partner is very clever and delicate.

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs – The Horse
    In ancient time, THE HORSE was used as the main transportation in Vietnam. As road system was not well developed, the horse is only one of three choices for carrying goods and people both in daily life and in the army. Therefore, it is respected for its usefulness as well as hard-working spirit. It helps people pass through the forest, the mountain and especially be an effective supporter in delivering mails at the time sending something through the long road took a lot of time.
    Vietnamese Zodiac Animals – HorseMoving around and around all life is one of the most typical characteristics of horse people. Standing still is something impossible with them and an errant personality always stays inside the horse person. A horseman is often very generous, has a lot of friends and they are like siblings in his mind. Horse person’s well known for their independence. Besides, he is very confident, the feature that helps him become successful in life.

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs – The Goat
    The GOAT is respected because of their minds, their creativity and their spirit of submission. Goat is a symbol of strength as a blessing to the person who is gifted with health, luck, fortune, and success.
    Goat prefers the open and fresh atmosphere in the mountainous area and the thing that goat likes the most is green thick grass and sleeping dreaming in the daytime. This kind of zodiac is known as the most romantic one among the 12 zodiacs. A goat person may feel unfair and depressed totally if he or she has been thrown into a menacing life. However, a goat person normally is supposed to be suitable for jobs related to art such as poet, artists, composer.

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs – The Monkey
    People consider THE MONKEY as a clever and creative animal and his desire for new things in life. The monkey is also flexible, fast and witty. When you stand by a monkey person, he or she will make you laugh because of his or her good sense of humor.
    The monkey’s wealth comes into their whole life mainly because of their smartness and flexibility. Saving money and living economically life also are good habits that help them accumulate a large amount of money. Actually, the monkey one can express himself well in many fields, but no matter how fruitful he can be, monkey one is always satisfied with what he achieves and rarely complaints about his life or compares himself with the others. That is the main reason makes this zodiac sign a fully happy person.

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs – The Rooster
    THE ROOSTER is an essential poultry, which provides human a good supply of protein, crucial vitamins, and mineral. A long time ago, the rooster was also a perfect alarm clock, especially in the countryside in Vietnam. Naturally, its sound “cock coos” every two hours in the night helps Vietnamese people know when to sleep and when to wake up for work. Vietnamese do not only consider rooster as an important animal governing human life but put it in a religious place as well. It is one of the crucial offerings at festivals, funeral repast or any special occasion of worshiping.
    People were born in rooster year mostly have the finest mind and proposed to be honest, brilliant, talkative, determined, capable and warm-hearted. Strong self-respect and seldom relying on others are their basic characteristics. Rooster people have ambitious and great ideals when they are young. In their whole life, most of them find satisfaction in the jobs and gain nice incomes, which can bring a good life. In addition, they can always find good chances to earn more money.

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs – The Dog
    THE DOG is well known for its loyalty not only in many touching stories but also in reality. It makes the dogs become friendly animals, raised by many families in the house and help them guard their home as well. A dog person is recognized as a faithful friend and you can be open to sharing with him or her secrets that you mind not feel comfortable telling someone else.
    However, the dog zodiac often overreacts and worry about the smallest thing in life. If you are dating a dog girl or boy, don’t rush yourself. She or he needs time to get used to with your presence and believe in you. Trust is the essential thing that a dog sign holder need from their partner and they also spend much time and effort to consolidate the trust. Thus, it is better not try to cheat them as far as possible in daily life. This always reduces their trust. In addition, they are willing to seek a simple and comfortable love life. Giving them enough space and appropriate distance is an effective way to keep love fresh all the time.

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs – The Pig
    Compared with buffalo, THE PIG is the second important animal of Vietnamese farmers. It’s considered as an asset to help farmers improve their economic ability. Pork is the most popular type of meat in Vietnamese’s daily meal from the mountainous area to the delta region. It finishes the 12 zodiac signs circle as an animal representing optimistic and loveliness.
    Pig person normally satisfies with what they have and do not worry about things. They often see the life with lovely pink color and food appeals to them the most. The most typical characteristic of the person who was born on pig year is generosity. If you do something wrong to her or him, just be open to share and say sorry, everything can be solved smoothly. Compared with other zodiac signs, the pig is believed to be less successful because of his or her honest nature. However, they often live in a pink world and enjoy life perfectly.

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